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The efect of methylation and acetylation on chromatin structure

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9/2003 - 8/2006
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Informatics
DNA Methylation, Acetylation Histones, Chromatin Structure, FISH

Biochemical modifications of DNA and histones (especially methylation and acetylation) belong to mechanisms of epigenetic regulation which influence chromatin structure with regards to its transcriptional activity/inactivity. Modifications of histones an DNA exist on parallel pathway, however the mutual relationship between individual epigenetic heredity mechanisms are not yet clear. In our experiments the acetylation status of histones on metaphase chromosomes of humid blood cells and methylation status of DNA and histones and will be studied. The effect of hypomethylation and hyperacetylation drugs on the level of methylation/acetylation status of histones and DNA will also be studied.
The effect of these biochemical modifications will be evaluated with regards to the higher-order chromatin structure of blood cells. The
selected metaphase chromosomes according to the content of CpG islands will be visualised using fluorescence in situ hybridization and indirect immunofluorescence method.



Total number of publications: 5

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