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Anthropology of skeletal remains of Bell - Beaker people from Moravia (Czech Republic)

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1/2004 - 12/2006
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Science
anthropology, skeletal remains, Hoštice 1 za Hanou, Bell – Beaker culture

In summer 2002 was found one of the largest Beaker people cemeteries at the locality Hoštice za Hanou. It is the largest cemetery of Beaker people in Czech Republic and maybe in central Europe too. The cemetery has 154 graves from what prevalent (approx. 138) is buried skeletal (not cremated). Results of complete anthropological evaluation of this cemetery from Hoštice ze Hanou together with results of anthropological evaluation of skeletons from smaller cemeteries stored in Moravian Museum in Brno (approx. 100 small localities) can notably assist to complete our contemporary knowledge about Beaker people. Our knowledge about anthropological characteristics of this people are weak though archaeologically is on our territory this ancient culture very good explored. Till was found and explored small cemeteries of Beaker people only with destroyed skeletal remains. Aim of this project is completely anthropologically explore cemeteries from Hoštice za Hanou and the smaller ones stored in Moravian Museum. This way to receive information what help us anthropologically characterise this population and compare them with contemporary living Baker people from other European countries and with their forgoers and followers.


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