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Evolutionary and ecological aspects in parasite-host system

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1/2003 - 1/2005
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Science
parasites, monogeneans, ecology, evolution

The project "Evolutionary and ecological aspects in parasite-host system" will be conducted on the evolutionary and ecological relationships using as model the Monogenea, the gill parasites, and freshwater fishes as their host group. The aims of this project will be (1) to apply phylogenetic knowledges from morphological and molecular analyses to test several hypotheses on host-parasite relationships from an evolutionary point of view (coevolution, host specificity, morphological adaptation of parasites), (2) to study the ecology of relationships among the parasites at a level of host species or host microhabitat (species competition and coexistence, parasite aggregation, niche size and overlap, evolutionary niche preference in the case of potentially competiting species, niche restriction).


Total number of publications: 8

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