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Study and application of plasma chemical reactions in non-isothermic low temperature plasma and its interaction with solid surface

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1/2005 - 12/2011
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Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the CR
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Faculty of Science
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Central European Institute of Technology
Plasma chemistry, plasma surface treatment, plasma deposition, plasma polymerisation, hard and supra hard coatings,diamond and diamond-like, plasma diagnostics,thin films, spectral plasma sources, low temperature plasma metallurgy, reaction rates of chemi

Study of kinetics of plasmachemical processes by optical, mass-spectrometry and microwave diagnostics. Research and methods of plasmachemical deposition of polymer, superhard, nanocomposite, semipermeable, semisorption and protective thin films. Study of optical, mechanical, chemical and electrical properties of prepared thin films. Study of new types of barrier and surface discharges generated at atmospheric pressure and their applications. New technologies of low-temperature plasma powder metallurgy enabling more economical production of W, WC TiC, WTi and chemical catalysts based on these metals. Proposal and construction of plasmachemical reactors. Study of new methods of plasma diagnostics and monitoring of plasmachemical processes. Computer simulation of discharges and processes running in them. Use of different types of plasma for restoration and conservation of historical artefacts and objects of cultural heritage. Use of pulsed rf and mw plasma for destruction and decomposition of pollutants. Study of selected types of hf and laser generated plasma sources for chemical spectral analysis. Study of perspective volume plasmachemical processes with intention to their practical use. Application of modified hf plasma pencil as a surgery hand operating tool.
This project deals with applied research with large part of basic research. Beside of publications of results new technological patents and industrial samples are expected.


Total number of publications: 755

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