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New approaches to variable stars data processing and interpretation

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1/2006 - 12/2008
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Science
variable stars, observation, data processing, photometry, spectroscopy. LSM, PCA, robust regression

In the last few decades it has boomed volume and common access to high-quality variable stars observing data; however the standard used methods of data processing and interpretation have lagged behind this progress. The proposed project aims to overtake this disaccord by application of three mutually cohesive plans. 1) Consequent application and development of modern trends in data processing, namely the robust regression (RR), principal component analysis (PCA) and their combinations, justified using of weights, introducing of new series of function apt for fitting of real light curves and spectral profiles, application of RR and PCA for light curves diagnostics, construction of (O-C) diagrams and improvements of variable stars ephemeris. 2) Using of modern approaches to solution of particular astrophysical problems as the disentangling of spectra of stellar systems, testing the stability of periods of magnetic CP stars, investigation of light variations of mirids or W UMa stars. 3) Presentation of new methods on astronomical meetings of all kind, in the education of students, supervision of student’s theses and edition of specialized textbooks.


Total number of publications: 47

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