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Project information
Mechanism of plant resistance against ROS induced in photosynthetic apparatus by a photoinhibitory stress

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1/2006 - 12/2008
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Science
reactive oxygen species, photoinhibition, chlorophyll fluorescence, D1 protein, stress proteins

The proposed project is focused on the principles of plant resistance against the effects of high light-induced reactive oxygen species (ROS) in photosynthetic apparatus. Two model plants were selected to study photoinhibition under a variety of light and temperature conditions: lichenized green alga Trebouxia and Arabidopsis thaliana. Detection of photoinhibition and photodamage to PS II will be done by fluorometric methods (fast Chl induction curve, quenching analysis) and molecular biology methods (D1 protein turnover and ELIPs detection). Photoprotective mechanisms, xanthophyll cycle pigments and antioxidative substrate (glutathion) activated during the early stages of photoinhibition will be evaluated biochemically. Actual level of ROS will be evaluated by specific sensor molecules monitored during and after photoinhibition by the means of fluorescence imaging technique


Total number of publications: 14

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