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Monitoring System of metropolitan archive of medical image information

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Project Period
3/2006 - 2/2007
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Institute of Computer Science
medicine, metropolitan archive, monitoring system, image information

Since January 2002 Institute of Computer Science in Masaryk University operates metropolitan archive of medical image information. Outsourcing of archiving and communication technology offers a place for cooperation among hospitals and for utilization of the existing multimedia data on patients. The essential components of the solution of metropolitan archive are based in two distant localities of Masaryk University and also in cooperating hospitals. Considering the scale of this solution the implementation of the central monitoring system is necessity. Monitoring system will continuously observe all the components needful for routine, will store historical information about metropoplitan archive, will collect statistics from routine, syslog messages and SNMP TRAP messages. All the collected information will be categorised and according to its importance will be sent to appropriate administrator via e-mail or SMS message. Handling of the secure distant access to all of the above mentioned appliances will be in the scope of this project too.