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Reverse Flows Management as a Means of Value Creation

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2/2013 - 12/2015
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Economics and Administration
Reverse flows management, reverse logistics, service industry logistics, performance measurement and management

The volume and importance of reverse flows (RF) has been constantly growing in many industries, which also increases the need
for their effective management in terms of regaining values that RF contain. Therefore it is important to find answers to complex
questions of why, how, when and where RF occur, how they are managed within enterprises (or among enterprises), what
influences the management as well as efficiency and effectiveness of performance management of RF, why the rate of interest in
this issue is different in companies, and what are the manifestations of effective or ineffective RF-management. The objective of
the research is to supplement the international professional discussion with knowledge of insufficiently explored topics, i.e. to
deepen the knowledge of the existence of company management causal relationships, which affect the nature and especially the
efficiency of the RF-management system; the objective also includes analyzing the existing performance measurement and
management systems of RF as well as exploring the specifics of RF-management in services.


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