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Social Interaction between Aristocracy, Bourgeoisie and Working Class: The Case of Moravia in 1873 - 1918

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1/2008 - 12/2010
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Arts
social issue, aristocracy, bourgeoisie, working class, 19th century

The present project proposes to analyze interaction between aristocracy, bourgeoisie and the working class in the period 1873-1918, particularly as regards various attempted solutions to the so-called social issue. The research shall consist of three interrelated segments: (1) investigation of the theoretical conceptions put forward by the most articulate members of the aristocratic and bourgeois societies, and preliminary classification of these conceptions according to their authors’ affiliation with intellectual schools, social environments, etc.; (2) examination of the practical application of these visions in individual urban communities (concepts of municipal socialism); and (3) research into cultural phenomena and factors with a bearing on the interrelationship between the three social groups under consideration (value systems, secularization, etc.). The territory of Moravia appears to be a rather suitable field of research: given the convenient extent of its area and the diversity of local circumstances, it will be possible to conduct research, etc. The temporal delimitation is related to the period after the depression of 1873, while a similar escalation of social conflict resulting from the twists and turns of the First World War provides a convenient temporal endpoint.


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