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Study of interactions of cooling media at high temperatures with structural materials of heat exchangers by plasma spectrometry methods

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1/2008 - 12/2010
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Science
fluoride salts, melts, structural materials, interactions, plasma spectrometry, laser ablation, electron microprobe

The proposed project is focused on a study of lateral and depth resolution of metallic materials which was exposed to molten fluoride salts treatment by means of laser ablation connected with mass spectrometry of inductively coupled plasma (LA-ICP-MS). Fluoride salts are at present examined as a coolant in the secondary circuit of a spent nuclear fuel transmutor. Melting and boiling salt temperatures, thermal and transport properties as well as interactions of structural materials with fluoride salt melts in the temperature range of the melting temperature up to approximately 550 degrees Celsius. LA-ICP-MS experiments will optimized laser parameters so that it was achieed sufficient lateral and depth resolution for study of molten fluoride salts treatment on the surface of construction materials.


Total number of publications: 14

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