Project information

Project information
BACH: The Development of Achievement tests (BACH)

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1/2019 - 12/2022
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Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
MU Faculty or unit
Faculty of Social Studies
achievement tests; psychological assessment; special education testing; specific learning disorders; ADHD; academic failure; depression; dementia; CHC intelligence theory; Rasch model; conormed assessment
Cooperating Organization
Propsyco, s.r.o.

The goal of this project is to finish developing Achievement tests (BACH). The whole test battery will contain approx. 30 subtests standardized in cohorts 5–22 and 60–80 years. Co-normative studies with intelligence test WJ IV COG will be performed in the younger sample, while establishing norms for the TOMAL 2 memory test and co-norming with our BACH will be performed in the older. Besides the normative study, we will collect data from clinical samples to evaluate criterion validity of the tests. We anticipate the test with the
co-norms will improve the assessment of specific learning disorders, causes of academic failures, career counseling and memory deficits in the elderly. The test will be distributed commercially.

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