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Visualization of the spatial relationships - a tool for understanding landscape function

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1/2019 - 12/2021
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Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
MU Faculty or unit
Faculty of Education
Cooperating Organization
Mendel University in Brno

1) Production of the education application aimed on the visualization of synergic and cumulative relationships in the landscape system
(December 2021) 2) Mapping of the landscape values through the optics of the elementary schools pupils in connection to the landscape quality
objectives according to the European Landscape Convention (December 2020) 3) Production of an information support for public involvement into planning processes (spatial planning, strategic planning and
landscape planning, November 2019, on a continuous update)
4) Publishing and lecturing in the context of the landscape use, identifying its potential and potential risks and benefits associated with
specific changes in land use (on a continuous basis).