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Nezamýšlené dopady povyšování v organizacích

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1/2020 - 6/2023
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Economics and Administration

Generally, it is difficult to measure/observe productive or sabotaging effort in organizations. However, it is in the best interest to pay attention to such behaviors and their causes, as it can become significantly expensive when employees decide to decrease their productive effort and/or sabotage. It is also conceivable that when sabotage occurs at a workplace, it might lead to negative spillovers. To observe the behavior of individuals after a promotion, three series of laboratory experiments are suggested. These treatments will make it possible to study how individual willingness to exert productive effort differs when the remuneration is unequal among two Agents and how this willingness changes when the promotion process is perceived as fair vs unfair. Furthermore, the experiment will enable us to study how much productive effort an individual is willing to turn into effort to sabotage the other Agent in both cases when they perceive the promotion as fair or unfair. Further to the findings from the study, it will be possible to propose recommendations regarding the promotion process.

Sustainable Development Goals

Masaryk University is committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which aim to improve the conditions and quality of life on our planet by 2030.

Sustainable Development Goal No.  5 – Gender equality Sustainable Development Goal No.  8 – Decent work and economic growth


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