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Detection of seizure onset zone in multi-lesional epilepsies using multimodal imaging methods (MultiEPI)

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5/2021 - 12/2024
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Ministry of Health of the CR
MU Faculty or unit
Central European Institute of Technology
Cooperating Organization
St. Anne's University Hospital Brno
University Hospital Brno-Bohunice

Epilepsy is a common neurological disorder, affecting 50 million people worldwide (WHO, 2009). The number of epileptic seizures can be decreased with medication, but in 30% of the cases the seizures are resistant to antiepileptic drugs and surgery is therefore considered as a treatment option. Epilepsy surgery is the most efficient therapy for patients with pharmacoresistant epilepsy. In multi-lesional focal epilepsies (MLE) surgical resection is possible only in cases when the lesion responsible for seizures can be identified while the other lesions appear as non-epileptic. Invasive exploration is required, and the postsurgical outcome is often inferior to the results of surgery in mono-lesional epilepsies. We propose to combine the currently available and further developed advanced non-invasive functional and structural imaging methods to detect a lesion leading to elaboration of epileptic seizures, which is clinically relevant epileptogenic focus in MLE. We will employ up-to-date statistical methods for brain connectivity and computational neuroanatomy evaluation. In addition, we will gain more information about the pathophysiology of the MLE and the in vivo characterization of the tissue of the focus and moreover, having the histology and the diffusion characterization of the SOZ, we can get one step closer to understand the background of novel methods, e.g. the diffusivity parameters.

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