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Society in times of crisis: Rationalization and its Social Effects

This explorative research program aims primarily to encourage graduate and postgraduate students' involvement in diverse ways of sociological investigation and interpretation. Utilizing multiple layers of highly specialized academic research and broader public culture invites students to participate in overlapping projects that pursue to document and understand empirical evidence. The project's main contribution is to problematize the currently hegemonic image of sociology as split up between methodological rigor and activistic innovation. Focusing our sociological attention on contemporary events, we can develop a shared frame of relevance between the academic and public culture that links the variety of sociological research projects to the crisis experience: all our institutions are exposed to challenges going far beyond the scope of ordinary history. To understand any social phenomenon is necessary to look at it also from a non-specialized perspective. Hence, this explorative research program is aimed to transmit and reveal the research experience to students as something more significant than an application of a specific methodological approach; it is also an all-encompassing personal orientation that tends to pervade the atmosphere of our everyday existence.


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