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Neurobiology, surface architecture and microhabitat segregation of model parasite species during ontogenic development

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1/2000 - 1/2002
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Science
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The Queen University of Belfast

In general, the main purpose of this project is to study two different biological types of monogenean parasites; oviparous diplozoons and viviparous gyrodactylids. Four different scientific approaches of research will be used for study of model parasite- host systems, namely, neurobiology, molecular ecology, electron microscopy and microecology. The scientific sense and aims of the project are fourfold. Firstly, there is the basic scientific interest; second, the proposal seeks the ultimate goal of contr olling pest parasites from their hosts; the third aim is to provide a detailed exposition of ontogenetic development of a model parasite species using several different methodological approaches; and finally a fourth important aim is that of training. Th e fact that the project is a collaborative study between two laboratories with complementary interests and, moreover, the approach is muitidisciplinary in nature (parasite biology and ecology, neurobiology, molecular ecology, morphology and ultrastructur


Total number of publications: 10

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