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Identification and role of proteins in control and degradation of RNA and regulation of gene expression

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1/2023 - 12/2025
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Czech Science Foundation
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Central European Institute of Technology

The function of eukaryotic cell sis regulated at many levels. One of the key mechanisms is the regulation of gene/protein expression. Gene expression can be affected several steps by directly modifying RNA synthesis or by changing RNA processing, modifications or stability. 3‘ terminal modifications can regulate mRNA biology and protein synthesis by direct mRNA modification or via regulation of noncoding RNAs. In this project we will investigate how 3‘ terminal tailing affects synthesis of small regulatory molecules and how this impacts cellular physiology. We aim to uncover new factors that play a role in the regulation of 3’ tailing and stability of ncRNAs and tackle their role in the regulation of gene expression. We will study at least three different cells to search for possible regulatory differences.

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