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Student´s Conference of Departement of French Language and Literature Faculty of Education Masaryk Univerzity

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1/2009 - 12/2009
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Masaryk University
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Faculty of Education
French language teaching methodology, french literature, francophone countries literature, children´s literature

The conference is intended to support the research activities of students of both MA and PhD courses. It allows them to present the results of their work to their colleagues within the department. It also contributes to the sharing of experience while undertaking research and the skills necessary for working independently.
This year the conference programme will focus on literature - Francophone literature for both adults and children - and its use in teaching practice. Attention will also be devoted to methodological problems of theses aimed at history, life and institutions and literature.


As in previous two years (see projects K 04 and MUNI/41/067/08) the conference was aimed at supporting the research activities of students of master and PhD study programs. It allowed students to present the results of their work to their colleagues in the department. It contributed to the exchange of experience with work with scientific topics and the competences necessary for independent work. The whole effort was supported by participation of staff members from Pedagogical Faculty, who offered students their expertise acquired during their own pedagogical (supervising diploma and PhD theses) and scientific work.