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Image analysis in the study of interphase nucleus structure

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1/1999 - 1/2001
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Informatics

The aim of the project is the improvement of current hardware and software for the analysis of images obtained by fluorescence microscopy which is presently used for the study of interphase nucleus structure. The whole system is unique in the world. At p resent time it is already fully automated but requires further hardware as well as software changes. The existing system will be progressively modified and improved so that the research in the field of interphase nucleus structure can be done as fast as possible, as effective as possible and so that the developed equipment remains unique in the world. The optical system will be improved and new methods of optical microscopy will be introduced such as the approach of confocal microscopy with rotating dis k which was the field of proposer's research during his stay at the University of Oxford. The research will be mostly concentrated on the software improvement such as the development of new image analysis algorithms (first of all methods for the segmenta


Total number of publications: 6

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