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New Nonaqueous Routes to Phosphate, Silicate, Hybrid, and Oxide Materials

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1/2001 - 1/2003
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Science

Study of new nonaqueous methods for the preparation of metallophosphates based on dealkylamination reactions of metal amides with phosphoric acid triesters. Elucidation of the reaction mechanism and optimizing crystallization conditions for the formation of microporous materials using solvents with bulky molecules as templates. Preparation of bimetallic phosphates by reacting mixtures of metal amides with phosphoric acid triesters. Study of the properties of amorphous A1P04 phases. Reactivity studies of the cubic metallophosphonates and metallosiloxanes with protic reagents. Influence of the acidity and steric properties of these reagents on the nature of products. Reactions of bifunctional alcohols and carboxylic acids with metallophosphonates and met allosiloxanes to form cross-linked hybrid materials possessing microporosity. Development of nonaqueous nonhydrolytic sol-gel methods for the preparation of mixed metal oxides with homogeneous mixing of the components at the molecular level based on the


Total number of publications: 31

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