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Mitochondriální DNA pivovarských kvasinek a její využití při rozlišení kvasinek

Title in English Mitochondrial DNA of brewing yeasts and its use in yeast identification


Year of publication 2014
Type Appeared in Conference without Proceedings
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Faculty of Science

Description Mitochondria are important cell organels, that produce energy in form of ATP. Mitochondrial DNA is significantly different in its composition from chromosomal DNA and can be used for identification and differentiation of ale and lager brewing yeasts. Mitochondrial DNA can be analyzed by restriction of the whole DNA molecules or by PCR and amplification of target genes or their subunits, and their restriction analysis. In our study, 40 brewing, 8 wine and 3 type yeast strains was analyzed by PCR and RFLP methods. Using digestion of the whole mtDNA with 4 different enzymes resulted in 9 - 12 restriction patterns. Wine yeasts show different restriction profiles from lager brewing yeasts. Restriction of gene subunit COXII resulted in two different profiles typical for S. cerevisiae and S. pastorianus. This method is suitable for rapid control of technological yeast strains or contamination by wild yeasts.

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