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Monitoring of land-based glaciers on James Ross Island, Antarctic Peninsula


LÁSKA Kamil NÝVLT Daniel ENGEL Zbyněk STACHOŇ Zdeněk

Year of publication 2015
Type Conference abstract
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Faculty of Science

Description Since 2006, an integrated multidisciplinary study of glaciers and terrestrial ecosystems has been carried out in the northern part of Ulu Peninsula, James Ross Island. In this contribution, glacier monitoring network consisting of four dominant land-based glaciers at the Ulu Peninsula is presented. Monitoring network also consists of five automatic weather stations (AWS) placed in the central and marginal parts of the selected glaciers. Each AWS was equipped with the EMS33 air temperature and humidity probes placed inside the radiation shields. Apart from that, additional instruments, e.g. albedometer, propeller anemometer, snow depth sensors were installed on the central part of Davies Dome and Whisky Glacier. In 2010, ice thickness and glacier bed elevations of Davies Dome and Whisky Glacier were surveyed using ground-penetrating radar. The results of glaciological measurements over the period 2009-2014 reveal mostly positive annual mass balance on Davies Dome and Whisky Glacier except for the glaciological year 2011-2012 when net accumulation was recorded in the uppermost part of both glaciers.
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