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Diversity of monogeneans parasitizing freshwater fishes of the Nile river in Sudan: current state and prospects

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Year of publication 2015
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Description During a systematic survey of monogeneans parasitizing freshwater fishes from the Nile River in Sudan, 44 monogenean species were recorded on/in 26 species of host fishes. Eleven of them probably represent species new for science. Thirty three species represent previously described taxa and all of them are reported from Sudan for the first time. The monogenean species found were represented by the following 18 genera: Annulotrema (2 species), Bagrobdella (4 species), Bouxiella (1 species), Cichlidogyrus (7 species), Dactylogyrus (8 species), Diplectanum (2 species), Dogielius (2 species), Enterogyrus (2 species), Gyrodactylus (2 species), Heteronchocleidus (1 species), Heterobothrium (1 species), Characidotrema (1 species), Onchobdella (3 species), Protoancylodiscoides (2 species), Scutogyrus (1 species), Schilbetrema (1 species), Synodontella (2 species), Quadriacanthus (2 species). Oreochromis niloticus was the host species with the highest parasite species richness (3 species of Cichlidogyrus, 1 species of Scutogyrus, and 1 species of Gyrodactylus on the gills, and 2 species of Enterogyrus in the stomach. The majority of the monogenean species found were situatd on gills, the only monogeneans recorded from the stomach were 2 species of Enterogyrus from Oreochromis niloticus.
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