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Non-Hydrolytic Sol-Gel Synthesis of the Aluminophosphate Materials

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Year of publication 2015
Type Conference abstract
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Faculty of Science

Description Aluminophosphates are structurally diverse compounds containing Al-O-P bond pattern through the whole structure. Many of them form highly regular framework structures that provide unique surface properties, which made aluminophosphates widely used as catalysts, catalyst carriers, molecular sieves or sorbents. In our work, we focused on nonaqueous preparation of high-surface mesoporous aluminophosphates by reactions of dichloroethylalane with various trialkylesters of phosphoric acid and trialkyl phosphites. We prepared a series of aluminumphosphates products with high porosity (400 – 600 m2.g-1). We also investigated the templating effects of Pluronic and triphenylamine to xerogel surface areas and pore size uniformity. The resulting gels were dried and calcined. The final products were characterized by solid-state NMR spectroscopy, SEM, IR spectroscopy, surface area analysis, TG/DSC and XRD.
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