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Preliminary report on piscicolid leeches from notothenioid fishes in Prince Gustav Channel

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Year of publication 2016
Type Conference abstract
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Faculty of Science

Description Our study is focused on the abovementioned group of annelids and aims to report species composition and genetic variability of Antarctic leeches from notothenioid fish in the Prince Gustav Channel (Weddell Sea). In total, 23 specimens belonging to four species have been collected from the Trematomus bernacchii (prevalence 33%, intensity of infection 1–4), T. hansoni (6%, 1–3) and Notothenia coriiceps (7%, 1). The determination is still in progress. We presume these four genera in our material: Nototheniobdella (Piscicolinae), Trulliobdella (Piscicolinae), Moorebdellina (Pontobdellinae), and Cryobdella (Platybdellinae). They differ in localisation on host body (gills or under gill lids, skin and fins). Specimens assigned to genus Nototheniobdella fed on host gill tissue and thus caused important, macroscopically noticeable changes. Our material was measured and documented by microphotographs from light microscope and two individuals were observed by scanning electron microscopy. DNA analyses will be performed to elucidate the exact species determination. The nuclear 28S rRNA gene portion, mitochondrial tRNA Leu gene with nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide dehydrogenase subunit one (ND1), 12S rRNA and cytochrome oxidase subunit one (COI) fragments will be amplified.
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