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Modern Greek and SAE linguistic area



Year of publication 2016
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Faculty of Arts

Description Since the 1990s, increased attention has been devoted to the areal classification of European languages, this being followed by a considerable number of areal linguistic studies. It has been proposed to treat European languages as a kind of a linguistic unit, the so-called Standard Average European (SAE) Sprachbund, on the basis of common features in their morphosyntactic structures. Modern Greek is one of the languages supposed to contain seven of twelve SAE Sprachbund features suggested by Haspelmath. That is why the Modern Greek (together with other Balkan languages) has been classified as “more SAE“, thus approaching the nucleus of the Sprachbund formed by French and German. In our paper, we examined two SAE features of Modern Greek as proposed in Haspelmath, namely have-perfect and relative clauses, discussing more precisely the Modern Greek position in the SAE linguistic area.
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