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Všichni moji blízcí: Koncept hierarchie citové vazby

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Title in English All My Loved Ones: The Concept of Attachment Hierarchy


Year of publication 2016
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Faculty of Social Studies

Description According to an attachment theory individual tends to prefer a close person in situations where he/she searches proximity, support or security. According to Bowlby and Ainsworth, child creates a hierarchical preference of close persons to increase their chances for survival. There are typical dynamic changes in relationships with parents, peers and partners, and relationships in the period of early and late adolescence and adolescents are becoming more complex. Researches has been pay so far less attention focused on the dynamics of the development of close relations in the period of adolescence, specifically what kind of influence the quality of the relationship with one person to another. It is known that during adolescence begin adolescents in certain aspects more prefer peers, as they became older a significant role play partners in their attachment hierarchy. But we still do not know how attachment hierarchy is changed for example after partnership ending. We have some information that mother is still for adolescents the attachment figure. The preference of partner is increasing and the preference of friends is decreasing after beginning the partnership. We need long-term monitoring of specific changes in relationships and in their preferences, as well as in identifying significant predictors of these changes and the dynamics of development to understand these changes.
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