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Riziko ztráty bydlení a jeho prevence: Rozbor problému a vyhonocení nástrojů.

Title in English The risk of housing loss and its prevention: Analysis of the problem and assessment of tools


Year of publication 2016
Type Monograph
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Social Studies

Description The aim of the monograph is to map the situation in the field of housing loss prevention in the Czech Republic with emphasis on the potential and limits offered by current national and local housing policy including the characteristics of the tools used and the efforts of all the important actors in this area. The monograph defines the housing loss prevention on the bases of the concepts set out especially in foreign literature. Through analysing the structural and individual factors influencing the emergence of risks and situations leading to loss of housing and also through analysis of statistical data, the authors further define the target group of preventive measures, accordingly the group of population at risk of housing loss. The core of the monograph primarily focuses on the description of current praxis in using tools and measures to support housing loss prevention, as well as the praxis in the cooperation among the individual actors working in this area. This part primarily aims to identify the posit ive effects resulting from the use of particular measures and forms of cooperation, as well as barriers to their realization. The final chapter offers some characteristics of a foreign (Scottish, German, Dutch and Austrian) rental housing loss prevention programmes which work on the rental housing markets. These can serve as an inspiration for deriving some good elements for the approach to housing loss prevention in the Czech Republic.