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Modeling Environmental Damage by Biowaste Lanfilling

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Year of publication 2016
Type Conference abstract
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Description There is presented a basic model of damage to the environment, impacted by political changes in the country’s leadership, and clean-up costs of this damage. We discuss the model of level of environmental damage by bio-waste landfilling X(t), in time t. Further we consider that amount of governmentally inspired reduction in environmental damage of biowaste landfilling (parameter p) is likely to depend on the interaction between the amount of damage that exists, and current level of public concern for that damage. Also we consider ability of environment (parameter r) to repair itself over time (biowaste in landfill does not produce biogas)and write the complex expression of change in environmental damage by biowaste landfilling. We extend the this model to include gradual changes in parameter p that would reflect European legislation for landfilling. It gives a non-linear system of four ordinary first-order differential equations and one delay. In the case study, we numerically simulated 16-years period of environmental damage by biowaste landfilling with Maple to illustrate the solution of the above model describing differential equations with the delay.
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