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Periodizovaná výživa ve vytrvalostním sportu

Title in English Periodised nutrition in endurance athletes


Year of publication 2018
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference Kondičný tréning v roku 2018
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Faculty of Sports Studies

Keywords carbohydrate availability; periodisation; sports performance; training load
Description The periodisation of sports nutrition in the context of sports training is not uniformly defined in the current scientific literature. New findings of significant adaptation impacts of endurance training resulting from training with intentionally reduced glycogen reserves or new recommendations for carbohydrate intake during exercise allows the definition of a periodized sports nutrition. Nutritional training is regarded as a part of periodized nutrition and principally it intents to simulate nutritional intake during competition. Without a coordinated approach of the scientist-trainer-athlete, however, it is demanding to implement the principles of periodized nutrition in the practice of endurance sports. It is also essential to increase the universal acceptance of professionals educated in sports training, regeneration and nutrition in sports associations and clubs. Their engagement in the sports team should be part of a responsible approach of any sports club at all levels of performance.
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