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Enthostodon hungaricus – nový druh bryoflóry České republiky

Title in English Entosthodon hungaricus, a new species for bryoflora of the Czech Republic


Year of publication 2018
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Bryonora
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Science

Keywords distribution; endangered species; Funaria hungarica; Funariaceae; mosses; saline habitats
Description The moss Entosthodon hungaricus (Boros) Loeske (Funariaceae) was found in the Czech Republic for the first time near the town of Újezd u Brna south-east of the city of Brno (southern Moravia) in May 2017. Entosthodon hungaricus was growing in a saline grassland of the vegetation class Festuco-Puccinellietea in a rut made by a tractor. The place was flooded in early spring but already parched in May. The moss grew on open soil at the bottom of the rut together with the endangered annual vascular plants Cerastium dubium and Myosurus minimus. These plants prefer similar ecological conditions in inland saline meadows as E. hungaricus, which inhabits disturbed places with sufficient amounts of water in early spring that gradually dry out later. The new record represents the northernmost occurrence of E. hungaricus in the Pannonian region.

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