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Lynn White a Max Oelschlaeger – dva pohledy na roli křesťanství v environmentální krizi

Title in English Lynn White and Max Oelschlaeger – Two Views of the Role of Christianity in the Environmental Crisis


Year of publication 2018
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Filosofický časopis
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Faculty of Social Studies

Keywords ecological crisis; Judaeo-Christian tradition; Lynn White; Max Oelschlaeger; eco-theology; environmental philosophy
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Description The authors in this article treat the problem of the relation of the Judaeo-Christian tradition and the environmental crisis. It returns to the arguments of Lynn White and analyses them in detail, in order to show that an unproblematic acceptance or refusal of White’s attitude does not reflect the complexity of this relation. At the same time, the article fills the gap in Czech reflection of environmental thought by acquainting the reader with the conception of the philosopher Max Oelschlaeger, who allows us to see White’s arguments in a new light and puts paid to what the authors call ‘White’s Myth’.