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Vývoj vazby k blízkým osobám od raného dětství do dospělosti : přehledová studie o vazbové hierarchii

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Title in English Development of multiple attachment relationships from infancy to adulthood : A review of attachment hierarchy


Year of publication 2019
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Československá psychologie
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Faculty of Social Studies

Keywords attachment hierarchy; attachment theory; parent-child relationship; romantic relationship; peer relationship
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Description This review summarized theoretical explanations on attachment hierarchy. Drawing upon the evolutionary perspective, during emergency situations for self and attachment figures, people activate their behaviors to seek closeness and emotional support toward their attachment figures who are the caregivers in infancy and young childhood and the romantic partner in older childhood and beyond. Although empirical studies use different methods between studies for infants and young children and studies for older children and beyond (observational and self-report methods, respectively), this theoretical idea has been supported consistently from infancy to adulthood. In addition, authors highlighted that attachment hierarchy is a timely research topic in attachment research, and Czech studies have been contributing to the research field. Specifically, authors demonstrated that young adults’ romantic preferences were interdependent with their friend preferences but not with their parental preferences. Czech students’ theses demonstrated unique attachment hierarchies in special populations, employing samples of participants with life-threatening jobs, older adults, and young adults with drug problems. Finally, authors focused on future research directions. There is only a limited number of studies exploring subcategories of attachment hierarchy, roles of friends during the transition from childhood to adulthood, and outcomes of deviation from normative patterns of attachment hierarchy development.
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