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Poutě jako nákladné signály oddanosti

Title in English Pilgrimages as costly signals of commitments


Year of publication 2019
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Faculty of Arts

Description People all over the world travel to the places with religious and ideological symbolical meanings. This behavior, however, seems to be costly from the evolutionary point of view since the energy, time and resources invested to the pilgrimages can be utilised more effectively. Explaining the ultimate function of pilgrimage behavior is the aim of my dissertation project on testing the costly singling theory of religion. Pilgrimage behaviour is understood as costly and therefore honest signal of commitment to the group thereby providing individuals with tool to manipulate their reputation within group. The aim of the project is to test two basic predictions: 1) People perceive those doing more costly signals as being more trustworthy; 2) Those who fo costly signals should possess the signalled quality. Thus, they should behave more prosocial within their group. The presentation will introduce the design of the study that will test the first prediction in the cultural context of Hindu pilgrimage Maha Shivaratri on Mauritius, and suggest how the interviews and observations along the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage should look like.
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