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Rotating gliding arc: innovative source for large scale plasma treatment



Year of publication 2019
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Description Gliding arc is widely studied due to its favourable properties given by transient nature of this non-equilibrium plasma source [1]. The classic way of arc gliding enforcement utilizes dragging of arc channel using gas flow (usually resulting in pressure drop in gas flow). The discharge distribution could be further shaped by e.g. the rotation of conical electrode [2] or creation of gas vortex in discharge chamber [3]. However, there exists the other approach of dragging the arc using the motion of electrodes, changing the effective electrode distance (arc length). In combination with active transport and vectoring the gas stream to plasma region using the propeller-shaped discharge electrode, this originate the invention of “rotating gliding arc” plasma source (CZ pat. No. 306119), which is suitable for large-scale plasma treatment of gasses, or powders. In our contribution the results of discharge diagnostics (fast camera, OES, electrical parameters) will be presented together with the results of waste gas decontamination studies performed on the NH3 and VOC model species. [1] A. Fridman, et al 1998 Prog. Energy Comb. Sci.25, 211 [2] M McNall and S Coulombe 2018 J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys.51 44520 [3] M. Ramakers et al 2017 Plasma Sources Sci. Technol.26 125002
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