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Spolubytí k dynamické homeostatické evolvující rovnovážné komplexitě infosféry: podněty k filosofii edukace

Title in English Being together for a dynamic homeostatic equilibrium evolve complexity infosphere: incentives to the philosophy of education

ČERNÝ Michal

Year of publication 2019
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Paidagogos
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Keywords noosphere; infosphere; inforg; evolution; philosophy of education; cyberspace
Description A study based on critical reflection work Teilhad, Floridi, Heidegger and Damasio comes to the preliminary grasp of social interaction (in the broader sense therefore to a certain social level learning and solidarity among the members of society, which - as below show - is one of the key pillars of learning ) as a coexistence with a dynamic homeostatic evolving equilibrium complexity of the infosphere is a fundamental interaction strategy in a changing world. The process of achieving homeostatic dynamic equilibrium is a process of close contact between the information and the environment, their mutual constitution and interaction presupposes a rich diversity and forms a mutual hermeneutic key to reflect their quality. Coexistence is the movement of Stay to reciprocity and balance. At the same time, it will offer some pedagogical or philosophical-pedagogical implications of this approach, including their possible didactic impact.

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