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Higher Spin Superfield Interactions with the Chiral Supermultiplet: Conserved Supercurrents and Cubic Vertices

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BUCHBINDER Ioseph L. GATES S. James, Jr. KOUTROLIKOS Konstantinos

Year of publication 2018
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source UNIVERSE
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Keywords supersymmetry; off-shell supermultiplets; higher spin
Description We investigate cubic interactions between a chiral superfield and higher spin superfields corresponding to irreducible representations of the 4D, N = 1 super-Poincare algebra. We do this by demanding an invariance under the most general transformation, linear in the chiral superfield. Following Noether's method we construct an infinite tower of higher spin supercurrent multiplets which are quadratic in the chiral superfield and include higher derivatives. The results are that a single, massless, chiral superfield can couple only to the half-integer spin supermultiplets (s + 1, s + 1/2) and for every value of spin there is an appropriate improvement term that reduces the supercurrent multiplet to a minimal multiplet which matches that of superconformal higher spins. On the other hand a single, massive, chiral superfield can couple only to higher spin supermultiplets of type (2l + 2, 2l + 3/2) (only odd values of s, s = 2l + 1) and there is no minimal multiplet. Furthermore, for the massless case we discuss the component level higher spin currents and provide explicit expressions for the integer and half-integer spin conserved currents together with a R-symmetry current.
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