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Konfrontační popis kultivované výslovnosti nizozemštiny a češtiny z pohledu českého mluvčího

Title in English A Contrastive Description of the Standard Pronunciation of Dutch and Czech from the Perspective of Czech learners of Dutch


Year of publication 2019
Type Monograph
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Faculty of Arts

Description The publication presents a contrastive comparison of the standard pronunciation of Dutch and Czech from the perspective of a Czech speaker. Standard pronunciation is described by comparing the articulation bases of Dutch (its two European varieties) and Czech. Further chapters follow, in which the phonetic inventories of both languages are described in detail, in the sequence of vocal and consonantic inventories. A great benefit of this work is the comparison of both systems with the attention to problematic aspects of Dutch pronunciation for Czech speakers. When describing Dutch, Dutch Dutch is used as a model variety; the author always reports on differences in the Belgian variety. An important part of the description is the chapter on the phonological processes of combining sounds in the examined languages, in which the author deals with the assimilation of voice in Dutch and Czech and also with the assimilation of the place of articulation of nasal consonants in the examined languages.
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