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Expedice Jana Jelínka do Guinesjké republiky v roce 1961

Title in English The expedition of Jan Jelínek to The Republic of Guinea in 1961


Year of publication 2021
Type Chapter of a book
Description In Search of Prehistoric Times is a collective monograph that is the sixth “sequel” of Study Series of the Centre for Cultural Anthropology. The monograph links three thematic areas: the first comprises of the effort to present the potential of collections and archival resources of the Moravian Museum in Brno; the second one is focused on research and exploration activities conducted by the anthropologist Jan Jelínek that are currently being processed, popularized and disseminated; the third area emphasises the importance of the Anthropos Pavilion, an exhibition building in Brno that is the only workplace in Moravia that systematically interconnects archaeological, anthropological and ethnological findings. In the first study titled Jan Jelínek’s Exhibition to the Guinea Republic in 1961 Petr Kostrhun presents an unknown, almost forgotten episode from Jelínek’s life: his work in the Republic of Guinea in West Africa in 1961. Jelínek was officially sent to a study journey to Guinea by the Ministry of Education and Culture under the new project of providing aid to socialist countries as an emissary and a builder of the national museum in Conakry. The second study, Kakimbon Cave: A contribution to the history of research by the Anthropos Institute in West Africa, written by Zdeňka Nerudová describes the discovery of the cave in the 19th century by the French archaeologists and Jelínek’s research that included probes and stratigraphic observations. The third study, Rock Art in the Oukaimeden Valley, written by Barbora Půtová is dedicated to African rock art in the Oukaimeden Valley situated in the central part of the High Atlas in Morocco. The study focuses on particular archaeological locations, art techniques applied, style characteristics and other specificities of the local rock art. Special attention is paid to the description and interpretation of rock art in the Oukaimeden Valley with emphasis on the seasonal use of mountain pastures by Berber herders. The fourth study, Prehistory: A New Challenge for the Anthropology of Tourism, written by Václav Soukup presents the Upper Palaeolithic parietal art as part of research in anthropology of tourism. What lies in the focal point of the study is selected significant site complexes of French prehistoric rock art that attract more and more of tourists’ attention. Eventually, the fifth study titled Vzpomínky muzejníka (Memoirs of a Museologist) offers a look behind the scenes of a museum and an insight into museological work in the Czech lands through the eyes of Oldřich Neužil.

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