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Study of the interaction of the palmatine alkaloid with hybrid G-quadruplex/duplex and i-motif/duplex DNA structures



Year of publication 2022
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Biophysical Chemistry
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Faculty of Science

Keywords G-quadruplex; i-motif; Hybrid structures; Palmatine; Binding
Description There is an increasing interest in the study of guanine or cytosine-rich sequences that may fold into G-quadruplex (G4) or i-motif (iM) structures showing a short hairpin (or stem-loop) stabilized by Watson-Crick base pairs. These hybrid spatial arrangements may be target of ligands that have been shown to interact strongly with BDNA. In this work, the interaction of the palmatine alkaloid with several sequences forming different G4s, iMs, and hybrid structures has been studied by means of spectroscopic and separation techniques, as well as multivariate data analysis methods. At the experimental conditions used in this work, the results have shown that this ligand strongly stabilizes parallel G4 structures, whereas a weaker interaction was observed with the antiparallel G4 adopted by the thrombin-binding aptamer or iMs. The presence of hairpins within the loops scarcely affects the affinity of this ligand for the hybrid G4/duplex or iM/duplex structures. Fluorescence measurements have provided evidence of a certain interaction with iMs at pH 5.1, despite the absence of thermal stabilization effects.

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