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The Motive of a Disappointed Terrorist in the Works of M. P. Artsybashev and B. V. Savinkov



Year of publication 2021
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Description The article is devoted to the analysis of the stories of M.P. Artsybashev "Rabochij Shevyrev" and B.V. Savinkov (V. Ropshina) "Pale Horse". The analysis of the text shows that both authors consciously pay attention to the heroes whose participation in terrorism brings disappointment, because the activities of their companions change nothing either in the social structure, or in the behavior of the “top” of society, or in the consciousness and behavior of those in whose name they go to the personal victim. Both heroes get stuck – they do not see a positive prospect in the future, they lose the sense not only of their participation in the terrorist movement, but also of their personal life. Shevyrev, who had lost his beloved, was convinced that obedience had become so ingrained in the social and individual psyche that he could not eradicate it. Nor can he persuade a young writer who preaches non-resistance to evil by violence. So he chooses violence, both as vengeance and as an example to others, but his actions can change nothing. The main character of the prose B.V. Savinkov managed to organize the terrorist act successfully, but he also understands that nothing essential in society changes, and he himself became convinced that he became one of the "wheels" of the terrorist movement, whose fate is controlled by anonymous others in the "organization". If Shevyrev did not have a life alternative, then George has such a thing, but his personal happiness is unrealistic. Both heroes suffer a collapse - Shevyrev, shooting accidentally caught spectators of the theater and falling into the hands of detectives, George killing himself. Both stories show the crisis of the terrorist movement and its ideology, hinting at the continuing gap between the ideology and practice of terrorism and the real life of ordinary Russians of that time.

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