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Currently Used Pesticides’ Occurrence in Soils: Recent Results and Advances in Soil-Monitoring and Survey Studies

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Year of publication 2022
Type Chapter of a book
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Faculty of Science

Description The hazardous effects of pesticides on the ecosystem are indisputable. Many studies have been devoted to the monitoring of pesticides and their occurrence in various systems and the adverse effects that they impose on different parts of the environment. However, most of the efforts have been dedicated to very persistent chlorinated compounds. Other compounds such as currently used pesticides (CUPs) have not been given appropriate attention. To clarify the situation regarding recent investigations in the field of monitoring CUPs in the soil, we performed a review of the studies which have been carried out in the last 5 years worldwide. This review makes clear an acute need for bringing the status of CUPs in the soil to greater consideration and shows the current shortcomings of actions towards monitoring CUPs in soil all around the world.
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