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Bile Acids Transporters of Enterohepatic Circulation for Targeted Drug Delivery

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Year of publication 2022
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Molecules
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Keywords bile acid; bile salt; enterohepatic circulation; transport protein; NTCP; ASBT; IBABP; OATP; MRP; MDR; drug delivery
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Description Bile acids (BAs) are important steroidal molecules with a rapidly growing span of applications across a variety of fields such as supramolecular chemistry, pharmacy, and biomedicine. This work provides a systematic review on their transport processes within the enterohepatic circulation and related processes. The focus is laid on the description of specific or less-specific BA transport proteins and their localization. Initially, the reader is provided with essential information about BAs ' properties, their systemic flow, metabolism, and functions. Later, the transport processes are described in detail and schematically illustrated, moving step by step from the liver via bile ducts to the gallbladder, small intestine, and colon; this description is accompanied by descriptions of major proteins known to be involved in BA transport. Spillage of BAs into systemic circulation and urine excretion are also discussed. Finally, the review also points out some of the less-studied areas of the enterohepatic circulation, which can be crucial for the development of BA-related drugs, prodrugs, and drug carrier systems.
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