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Assyrian History of Herodotus: The Missing Logos



Year of publication 2022
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Faculty of Arts

Description Herodotus promised to deliver the so-called Assyrian logos in his Histories, but ultimately failed to do so. Twice we can find a remark on his future project that (possibly) never materialized in the end. Even though we do not have a long, detailed description of Assyria, there are still several mentions of Assyrian kings, history, and customs, although quite often very brief. Even if he wrote a logos on Assyria, it did not become too influential. On the other hand, we have many fragments dealing with Assyrian history by the later authors, notably Ctesias or Berossus, who expanded the stories of this kingdom to the Greek audience. Could they refer to Herodotus at some points? In this presentation, I focused on the short remarks of Herodotus on Assyria and the potential existence of the promised logos. In the main part, I compared his account with the tales from the later sources, what are the most significant changes in the narrative, and who became the authority on the history of Assyria in his place.
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