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Evropské unijní zákony za obzorem

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Title in English European Union Laws beyond the Horizon


Year of publication 2023
Type Monograph
Description An open access monograph summarises in Czech language the research of trends in law-making in the European Union, namely replacing of directives by regulations, and preference for regulations instead of directives and normative decisions. The monograph explains limited attention to the secondary law resulting from the focus on primary law (chapter 1), delivers unusual explanation of its instruments (chapter 2), maps incidence of transformations (chapter 3), considers limits of choice set by competence provisions and arguments (chapter 4), explains pitfalls of directives and the redundance of normative decisions (chapter 5), while analysing the Clinical Trials of Medicinal Products Regulation, it explains opportunities and limits of regulations and required accompanying national law for prevalent national enforcement (chapter 6) lawmaking concerning crises affecting the European Union (chapter 7), reminds failure of etatist teminology and chance of its revival (chapter 8) and discusses the perspectives of EU law-making (chapter 9).
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