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„Die Werke der Kunst dem Publicum vorzuführen“. Stálá výstava obrazů pražského obchodníka Karla Behra

Title in English „Die Werke der Kunst dem Publicum vorzuführen“. Prague merchant Karel Behr's Permanent exhibition of paintings


Year of publication 2023
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Faculty of Arts

Description At the beginning of the 1850s, Prague's exhibition operation, which had been dominated by the annual exhibitions organized by the Academy of Arts since 1821 and then by the Krasoumná jednota since 1836, was enriched by a typologically new way of presenting art to the public. Following the example of other European cities, a type of permanent exhibition of works of art appeared in Prague at this time, first due to the newly constituted Jednota umělců výtvorných (Union of Creative Artists), and after 1855 thanks to the private initiative of the owner of the Prague gilding factory Karl Behr (1819–1888). The contribution will present the hitherto little-known personality of this native of Dresden and his input to Prague's cultural and social life in the 1850s and 1860s, it will also recall Behr's multifaceted business activities, focusing on illuminating the origin and functioning of his art store, as well as its assortment. Attention will also be paid to the relatively significant response that his inspiring act found in contemporary journalism and art criticism.

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