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Česká republika a Evropská unie: reflexe v českém veřejném mínění, doporučení pro komunikační strategii

Title in English The Czech Republic and the European Union: reflections in Czech public opinion, recommendations for a communication strategy


Year of publication 2023
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Social Studies

Description The policy paper represents one of the outputs of the project called "Identification and application of strategic communication tools in the implementation of the Czech Republic's Foreign Policy Concept, which is being implemented in 2022-2024 (applied research project). The policy paper aims to convey the results of a questionnaire survey conducted on a representative sample of the Czech population in January 2023, focusing, among other things, on questions/statements related to the European Union, the Czech Republic's relationship to it and the respondents' knowledge of the EU and its institutions. To identify possible associations in the Czech population between the respondents' opinion profile (attitudes towards particularistic statements related to the EU, knowledge about the EU and the ability of the Czech Republic as a member state to pursue its interests within the EU) and their socio-demographic characteristics: age, gender, educational attainment, economic status, the environment in which the respondent is primarily located (predominantly rural or predominantly urban). To identify possible links in the Czech population between the respondents' opinion profile and the information sources from which they often draw information about foreign policy and foreign affairs. To identify possible links between how respondents answered questions relating directly to the European Union and how they answered some other questions in the questionnaire survey (in particular regarding respondents' attitudes towards the value and geopolitical orientation of Czech foreign policy and some questions relating to Ukraine and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine). The policy paper also works with qualitative data resulting from 3 focus groups conducted in autumn 2022 in Olomouc, Ústí nad Labem and Jihlava. The aim here is to identify the narratives that the Czech public most often associates and associates with the European Union, the Czech Republic's membership in the EU and some specific sub-themes that relate to the EU agenda and our membership in the Union. Last but not least, the data available to the implementer (Masaryk University) will be used, which were collected through interviews and group interviews with a specific group of respondents: secondary school teachers and students of secondary schools (aged 15-19) in the Czech Republic. The main objective of the policy paper is to identify the problem points related to the Czech public's perception of the EU and the position of the Czech Republic within the EU based on these analyses of qualitative and quantitative data obtained from various sources; to generate proposals for strategic communication on the related topics.
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