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Vliv revitalizace na druhové složení a početnost obojživelníků v údolní nivě Spáleného potoka

Title in English The effect of revitalization on the species composition and abundance of amphibians in the valley floodplain of Spálený potok


Year of publication 2024
Type Conference abstract
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Faculty of Science

Description As part of the revitalization of part of the wetland, in 2020, 9 new ponds were built in the valley floodplain of the Spálené brook near the village of Krumvíř, and at the same time, the mowing of reeds and their grazing by livestock began. As part of the monitoring, the initial and subsequent state of biodiversity was assessed. The amphibian community was evaluated based on acoustic and visual monitoring of adults, searching for clutches, catching larval stages and adults of tailed amphibians using a colander and live traps. A comparison of historical data and then data from 2020-2023 showed that the initial revitalization of the site consisting of the construction of a new water body and terrain depressions in 2003 led to an increase in species diversity of amphibians. However, the lack of follow-up care led to the gradual overgrowth of the site and its further degradation, which led to the disappearance of most species. After the revitalization in 2020, the extinct species began to gradually return, gradually inhabiting different habitats according to their ecological preferences. The conducted research proves the ability of amphibians to respond quickly not only to negative but also to positive habitat changes, and at the same time confirms the importance of subsequent care for revitalized localities.
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