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Mycelium extracts of Armillaria trigger a hypersensitive response in sensitive plant cells



Year of publication 2000
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference Book of Abstracts of EFPP Congres 2000, Taormina, Italy
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Science

Field Biochemistry
Keywords Elicitor; Armillaria; defence reactiion
Description The genus Armillaria includes serious pathogens causing root rot of a broad host range of plants. Water extracts of mycelium of A. tabescens inhibited the growth of Picea cell cultures and disturbed photosynthesis in leaves of Acer pseudoplatanus measured by fluorimetry. Extracts of mycelium of A. tabescens obtained by supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) trigger a hypersensitive response in suspension of tobacco cells accompanied by an alkalization of extracellular medium and production of active oxygen species. The HPLC analysis and GC-MS of SFE proved the presence of several toxins and sterols, namely ergosterol and dehydroergosterol. This reponse was calcium dependent and was stopped by inhibitors of protein kinases. At least two sterols had elicitor activity; one of them was ergosterol.
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