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Diptera in an Industrially Affected Region (North-Western Bohemia, Bílina and Duchcov Environs) II


BARTÁK Miroslav VAŇHARA Jaromír

Year of publication 2001
Type Monograph
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Faculty of Science

Description This is the second volume of the account of Diptera of Northwest Bohemia (28 localities between villages Osek - Štěpánov nr. Kostomlaty - Braňany at Bílina) which were studied during 1992-1999. The first volume (BARTÁK M. & VAŇHARA J. (eds), 2000: Diptera in an Industrially Affected Region (North-Western Bohemia, Bílina and Duchcov Environs). Vol. 1. Folia Fac. Sci. Nat. Univ. Masaryk. Brun., Biol., 104: 1-240) contains the introductory part "Diptera of the Bílina and Duchcov Environs" prepared by M. BARTÁK & V. ZELENÝ (Introductory part, Study area, Map, Studied localities, Material and Methods, Results, References), and a review of Nematocera and Brachycera except for Schizophora, in total 43 families. The second volume includes Brachycera of the Schizophora group, i.e. 48 families from the superfamilies Nerioidea, Diopsoidea, Conopoidea, Tephritoidea, Lauxanoidea, Sciomyzoidea, Opomyzoidea, Carnoidea, Sphaeroceroidea, Ephydroidea, Muscoidea, Calliphoroidea, Oestroidea and Hippoboscoidea. Families are arranged systematically. Within these groups, the species are listed in alphabetical order. Comments on the individual species are given in the form of abbreviations. The abbreviations (incl. list of localities) are explained in the introductory part of the first volume, in each chapter ahead of the List of species and also in the free insert Appendix.
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